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Please click on the Pakistan earthquake news stories below to stay up to date on the tsunami disaster.

And please check back often because Pakistan earthquake news stories are constantly being added.

The most recent Pakistan earthquake news stories are at the top of the page.

Pakistani Earthquake Survivors Dying from Exposure; Shelters Still Being Constructed

A Life or Death “Race Against Time” Continues in Pakistan

Pakistan Aid Pledges Near $6 Billion

Doctors to Immunize Children in Kashmir

Pakistan Needs $5.2 Billion for Relief and Reconstruction

Many Earthquake Survivors may Freeze to Death

Aid Agencies: Pakistan Earthquake Relief too Low

NATO to send 1,000 Soldiers to Pakistan

Pakistan Earthquake Death Toll Over 50,000

Kofi Annan Pleads for More Aid

6 Killed in Helicopter Rescue Crash

Rescue Effort Now 'Race Against Time'

Millions Homeless Due to Pakistan Earthquake

Pakistan Earthquake Death Toll Over 30,000

International Relief Effort Quickly Expanding

Pakistan Pleads for Help

Pakistan Earthquake Death Toll Over 18,000

Massive Quake Strikes Pakistan

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