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Pakistani Earthquake Survivors Dying from Exposure; Shelters Still Being Constructed

December 3, 2005

by Kevin Caruso

Some 3.5 million Pakistan earthquake survivors became homeless after the 7.6-magnitude October 8th quake, and many are now exposed to the severe Himalayan winter cold.

At least eight earthquake survivors have died in recent days from exposure, and hundreds are seeking medical assistance for cold-related ailments such as pneumonia.

Blocked roads from earthquake-caused landslides continue to preclude complete access to some survivors in the mountainous regions of Kashmir, and lack of shelter in all earthquake-affected regions is still a serious problem

The Pakistani military is now constructing 5,000 shelters per day, joining various aid agencies in the race to build adequate shelters for the survivors. But the large number of homeless is making the “race” to shelter everyone for the winter a difficult task.

"The race is not lost; it is just more difficult,” said a U.N. official.

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