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Kofi Annan Pleads for More Aid

October 19, 2005

by Kevin Caruso

U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan is expressing deep concerns about the need for greater aid for the Pakistan earthquake victims.

"There are no excuses," Annan said. "If we are to show ourselves worthy of calling ourselves members of humankind, we must rise to this challenge. Our response will be no less than a measure of our humanity."

Annan is calling upon international groups, such as NATO and the Organization of the Islamic Conference, to contribute more helicopters and heavy equipment immediately.

Annan said that contributions are not adequate at this point and that an immediate influx of funds needs to transpire. He indicated that only 8 percent of the estimated funds needed by relief agencies have been pledged to date.

“About 3 million in Pakistan remain homeless, and the country now faces "a second wave of massive death," Annan said.

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